Using Tor

There has been plenty written about Edward Snowden and his purloined NSA documents. But don’t expect anything to change. Spying by government agencies is endemic. Despite protests to the contrary, congress, the three-letter agencies, and private outfits like Google, Facebook, and Amazon all have strong interests in tracking what you do on the internet.

And the private companies probably present a bigger threat to your privacy than does the government. NSA claims only to read ‘metadata’ from your phone calls and e-mails. Maybe. But Google, for example, already reads your gmail content. When certain key words turn up you can expect Google to push ads to your browser whenever they think they or one of their advertisers can sell you something. Amazon does the same thing when you search their catalog. Suddenly, when you navigate away from Amazon, targeted ads are showing up from companies you’ve never heard of, trying to sell you something you searched for on Amazon.

And they’re not just looking for sales opportunities. Every e-mail you write, every search you do, every web site you visit adds valuable information as to who you are, how old you are, how you vote, or whether you’re having an affair with the boss.

Take control and download the Tor browser. It isn’t perfect, but it will do a lot to protect your privacy. If you’re a regular Facebook or Twitter user, forget about Tor. You’re already giving up so much personal information that Tor won’t be able to do much for you.

Click here for the Tor Overview and a download link.

“The NSA can’t break Tor and it pisses them off.”
Bruce Schneier


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