Awww,..Poor Baby

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein has her panties in a bunch because the CIA may have been spying on the members of congress who were supposed to be investigating misdeeds by the CIA. She’s concerned that the CIA may have violated “principles embodied in the US Constitution.”

Poor baby. She was fine with the CIA, NSA, FBI et al spying on 300 million Americans, but on congress? She apparently thinks that congress is exempt from spying because it has managed to exempt itself from almost every other rule that applies to us ‘little people.

Dianne says, “there is no legitimate reason to allege … that Senate staff has committed a crime.’

Dianne, dear, there’s no reason to allege that any American has committed a crime and yet you were comfortable, even silent, about the spying abuses of our three-letter agencies until they landed in your own yard.

If you’ve done nothing wrong, what do you have to fear? That’s what we keep hearing from you and your fellow poltroons.

Suffer along with the rest of us, bitch.


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