Way to Go, Guys!

February 4, 2011

The big story in last fall’s election was the Republican resurgence in Congress. The red states took over the House and cut the Democrats’ margin in the Senate.

Why the Republican success? Well, they promised to reduce spending and bring an end to our projected multi-trillion dollar deficits. Now, the Republicans have spoken. If their budget plan is adopted, federal spending will be reduced by $82 billion in 2011. In any other arena $82 billion might mean something but, on the scale of federal budgets, it is truly chump change. If all of the Republican ‘cuts’ are enacted the federal budget will be reduced by a whopping 2%. Instead of being $1,482,000,000,000 the 2011 deficit will be only $1,400,000,000,000. Wow. Way to go guys. At this rate we can expect the federal budget to be balanced by, uh, never.


Speaking of red states and blue states—why do you suppose the Republican states are red and the Democrat states are blue? Logically, the Democrat states should be red because red is the color usually associated with the Left. Blue, on the other hand is a cold, unwelcoming color—much more appropriate for the classic characterization of Republicans.

The answer, of course, is that the extreme Left, the communists, expropriated the color red over a century ago. It would be unfair to associate modern-day Democrats with folks like Trotsky, Lenin, and Che Guevara. After all, those guys carried guns.

What concerns me is that the choice of red and blue for our two parties really precludes a third-party movement from ever getting off the ground. Why? Logically, this would be the ‘white’ party and that would never do.

We should just mix red and blue together and paint the country purple.