“It’s the Economy, Stupid”

During Bill Clinton’s campaign for president, James Carville posted these words in Clinton’s office. Clinton was running against George Bush the Elder whose re-election was considered a slam dunk after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, ending the Cold War, and the stunning speed and success of Operation Desert Storm. Carville wanted to remind Clinton there was one issue on which the seemingly invulnerable incumbent was very vulnerable. Turns out he was right.

Yesterday, our current president in a callous disregard for American priorities ignored not only Carville’s sage words but also the opinion of the American public. Current polls show that over half of all Americans consider the economy the most important issue facing American today: double-digit unemployment; underemployment estimated as high as 30%; a 1.4 trillion-dollar deficit, and a population deeply concerned that our current economic woes may be a harbinger of permanent change—that the American economy will never recover its former luster, and that we are descending into second-world status. There is deep-seated concern among Americans that, whatever our station in life, prospects for our children and grandchildren are much poorer than were ours.

So what does our genius Community Organizer, part-term Senator, and totally half-assed neophyte president do? He calls a “summit” on his stalled health care miasma.

On Thursday, he met with 40 “congressional leaders” to carry on a “dialog” about what could be done to save his health care plan. He had the chutzpah to tell these congressmen that his health care overhaul was “absolutely critical” to a sustained economic recovery without saying a word about why.

Hey, they made it, not I.

Adding insult to his dog and pony show, Mr. Obama spoke for 4 of the 7 hours of the “dialog.”  If the remaining time were equally divided, each of the benumbed congressmen would have had less than 5 minutes to state his or her case. Not that it would have made any difference because Obama clearly wasn’t listening. He wants his health care bill and he wants it NOW. His ever-faithful sidekick, Harry Reid told reporters, “It is time to do something and we are going to do it.” Well Harry, go do it then. You obviously don’t give a shit what the people or many of your congressional colleagues think anyway. If you have the votes to fuck us, then fuck us. Otherwise please shut up.

The Republicans, when given a few small opportunities to speak, were typically Republican—that is, Discount Democrats. ‘Oh, these are good ideas,’ they say hollowly, ‘but we can do it cheaper.’ Guys, how about asking the fundamental question here? “What is the problem we’re trying to solve?” Sure, health care is expensive, and sure some people can’t afford it but I have this nagging suspicion that it’s expensive and unaffordable because the government’s already too involved in the health care business.

And while we’re talking about it, why am I already getting stuck with the bill for people who can afford chrome wheels and 60” LCD TV’s but “can’t afford the high cost of health care.” I think a lot of those 30 million people who are “uninsured” are uninsured by choice. Why should they shell out $400-$500 a month for health insurance? They already know that if they get anything from an earache to a myocardial infarction they can check in to any emergency room and get it taken care of for nothing.

Barry, you’ve made health care reform the centerpiece of your administration. Please, please, keep up the good work because the more you talk about health care while people are standing in lines waiting for jobs, the less likely you’ll get re-elected.

By the time you’re thrown out of office, there will be plenty of “community organizing” jobs available, mostly as recruiters for the People’s Liberation Army.


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